Teaching Shifting and Vibrato.,

Kristen Pellegrino (ASTA)

Teaching Shifting and Vibrato.

Lecture – Friday 24th September – 19:30-20:00 (CEST)

Kristen Pellegrino


Dr. Kristen Pellegrino is Professor of Music Education at the University of Texas at San Antonio and President of American String Teachers Association (ASTA). Kristen’ degrees are from the University of Michigan (Ph.D. in music education and M.M. in violin/chamber music performance) and the Eastman School of Music (B.M. in music education and applied violin).
Dr. Pellegrino has over 30 scholarly publications, including being co-editor of the Oxford Handbook of Preservice Music Teacher Education in the United States (2019), in which she also wrote/co-wrote three chapters, and has a contract to co-author Teaching instrumental music: Concert hall to rock stage. She was also awarded ASTA’s String Researcher Award, and AERA’s Outstanding Early Career Paper Award in Music Education. Kristen has presented over 100 sessions/research posters at conferences and workshops.
Previously, Kristen taught for eight years in the public schools. She still performs in chamber music festivals in Rhode Island and England.

Teaching Shifting and Vibrato.

Teachers often wonder when they should begin teaching shifting and vibrato. Dr. Pellegrino suggests indicators and fun preliminary exercises that can be taught early in a string players development.
Then, we offer specific ways to teach shifting and vibrato to violinists, violists, cellists, and bassists in group settings.
Push-aways, Sirens, Motioning like and Italian, Imaginary super glue, finger in collarbone, plus more.