Experiencing Rhetoric in Music.,

Arparla – Davide Monti and Maria Christina Cleary

Experiencing Rhetoric in Music.

Recital – Saturday 25th September – 18:00-19:00 (CEST)



ARPARLA, Davide Monti on violin and Maria Christina Cleary on harp, take their inspiration from a desire to communicate through music – parla in Italian means ‘speak’ – using the harp’s soft and refined sonorities and the violin’s expressive range of colours.
Formed in 2005, Aparla have performed worldwide while being dedicated to education. They founded the International School of Improvisation, using the Helicona Method in 2013. This method is supported by strategies taken from other disciplines including Dancing, Theatre, Fencing and Horse-riding with the aim to facilitate the opening of the mind and to aid an understanding into musical gesture.

Experiencing Rhetoric in Music.

Arparla, a duo of historical instruments featuring violin and harp, proposes an innovative concert inviting you to experience the form of a Baroque sonata through a visit to a historical garden or historical residence, representing a similar Rhetorical form. The concert will combine the rhetorical strategy in Music and in Architecture, underlying the parallelism, the similar figure, the desired effects. The musical programme will include sonatas by G. Muffat, A. Corelli, Ph. F. Böddecker, J.P. von Westhoff, G.P. Pandolfi Mealli, G. Kapsberger.
Historical Residences and Gardens (with their pending permission) will include Giardino Giusti in Verona (IT), Villa Borromeo Litta in Lainate (IT), Villa Reale in Monza (IT), Villa Marcello in Treviso (IT).