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Walter Reiter – Historically Informed Performance: Exclusive or Inclusive?

Anna-Carin Sundén -Teach Without Words.

Kristen Pellegrino – Teaching Shifting and Vibrato.

Heng-Ching Fang – The Impact of Recording Technology in Formal and Informal Learning.

Praskovia Tanikova – Veniamin Sher and his Pedagogical Heritage.

Vildana Repse Slovenia – Non-Formal Forms of Learning in a Professional Development of Violin Playing.

Maria Jose Fueyo Muniz – Original Spanish Viola Repertoire from 17th to 19th Centuries. Practical Use in Viola Teaching.

Mari Ystanes Fjeldstad – Stories of Learning and Teaching in Online Violin Lessons.

Baris Kerem Bahar – The Life of J. N. Hummel, Analysis of op.94 Potpourri for Viola and Orchestra.

Dr. Burak Eker – Musical Iconography of Violin Through Folkloric Performance Practices and Traditional Music Repertoires: Folkloric Identities Attributed to Violin in 20th Century Music.

Marija Mihajlovic Pereira – Promoting Self-Regulation Strategies: A Study with an Intermediate Level Violin Student.

Ana Carolina da Silva Petrus – Evaluation of the Mobile Applicatins for Violin and Viola.

Elise Pittenger – Music in Motion: Video-Dance Projects Created in Collaboration by the Dance and Cello Studios of UFMG.

Oksana Solovieva Borzhimskaya – Fantasies and Variations on Opera Themes for Students. Step by Step.

Nuno Arrais – Attunement Intersubjectivity in One-on-One Instrumental Classes.


Davide Monti – Experiencing Rhetoric in Music

Dijana Ihas – A Survey of Eight String Pedagogy Approaches Applicable to Teaching String Beginners in Formal and Informal Settings: From A (for Applebaum) to Z (for Zweig).

Maurici Dalmau – Drawing up a Plan to Implement Colourstrings Approach of Violin Teaching in Catalonia.

Bojan Cvetrežnik – Morning starters – How to Get There? Together!

Kristen Pellegrino and Rebecca MacLeod – Setting Beginning Students Up for Success: A Pedagogical Model for Beginning Strings.

Caroline Lumsden – Ready, Steady, Play! – The Importance of Early Years Training.

Gal Faganel – Nuances of Pizzicato in Theory and Practice.

Marta Abraham – New Complete Special Edition of J. S. Bach’s Fugues for Solo Violin Based on a New Methodology.


Pöllmann Siegfried H. – Interview: Bruno Giuranna: His Musical World in the Centre: Bruno Giuranna – Soloist, Chamber Musician and Mentor as well as Trio Partner of AS Mutter and Rostropovich. A Conversation with the Former International President of the ESTA and One of the Most Renowned Violists of our Time.

Helfried Fister – A Second Opinion.

Lorraine Chai – Interactive Way of Learning Music Theory.

Gwendolyn Masin – The Great Exhale – How to I Learned to Love Teaching and CommunityOnline.

Sophie Till – Solving Injuries Via Skype.

Karen Kyriakou – Aural Games & Activities for the Group Class and Ensemble.

Claudio Forcada-Delgado – The Journey to the Stage.

Yuri Djachenko – Colourstrings in Progress in Australia.